• The Journey Begins..

Everyone was hoping the best for their life everyday. no doubt there are ups and downs.failures and successes.happiness and sadness.positivity and negativity.life are full of challenge. but life is easy.Easy in a way that the mindset should be positive at all times and yet be more open, and willing to hear criticsm, and the will to improve ourselves to be a better human. here i am, such a little person yet with this high expectation,with the dreams of getting to be the next Donald Trump which yet its not impossible at all when all support is given. Sometimes life becomes so hard and the stress level was at the highest blood point,people tend to be easily upsets with surroundings and emotionally disturbed by the situation. emotion management. i wish there are no racism in this world.it hurts people feelings and the action and words thrown are totally disrespectful.being too prejudice.unfairness.seems like there's no equality. u pinch the particular race to the wall, yet protecting you own race even though they seem to be useless. If God can be fair, why can't we? i believe everyone has their own potentials.talents.skills.intelligence. just let them out shine themselves. but it seems not everyone understand this.cause everyone is selfish.envy.negative minded.the NO word is like compulsory and admitting mistakes is never in their diary. if everyone understands each other better, give and take, and more open, i believe we gonna have a better world to live in.