• The Experiment.

Colours.They have varieties.even a story to tell.its manipulative and yet subjective at times. Makeup involve colours. They have no rule at all.Thy shall experiment. This is my 1st experiment when i step into the world of makeup.Twas taken in 2006, when i had a task to do for Maybelline Dream Team.Black,she had never applied so much makeup, i've never realised that she is really gorgie until i put these on her!!! Time pass by, its almost 3 years of make-up, and i have sharpened my skills and now im ready for the big time! im having this imagination of a room of MAC collection for my own ( i dont care i want it so bad), i think its gonna be fullfill soon.*im so excited* Thats for now, im looking forward for more job in near future. i cant wait to have my hands on new the tools and stuffs that im going to have.*as the old ones i had disposed them*