• Picturama

Pictures are memoirs.Something that we want to remember.A collection of memory.Capturing the details.Its filled with Drama.each picture has its own story. This big picta up here, i was doing my makeup for Balqis, ( after getting her hair done),she's one great personality lady and a good friend of mine, we are on for a makeover during Maybelline Guest Session @ The Curve in year 2006! All 10 of us had a great fun (especially makan time) The Theme is Smokey Eye Makeup and im using Envy-ME Green on her and she looks really fab! i have updated some pictures for you guys to see, im still working on the flash stuffs * so it wont be so boring to see* and im really excited! this are the makeup work i've done in year 2006/2007. will definitely update latest pics too! Thank god i finally found that PENDRIVE* it just came back from holiday~!--damn it i search all over the house,rooms,boxes, finally found it at my moms deco pocket!HATE THIS THING!!!haha*>my life is in there.All my final projects, my memories with amigos and amigas and all those things that i would love to remember forever. its pretty dizzy today, i hardly slept yesterday * with the tot of goin to my fav salon ( Shunji Hairsalon @ The Boulevard Midvalley) and have this tresses chop off a bit-as i felt the end is drying and screams for cuts off* i woke up early with the hope to go n have haircut + hair colored.However, mi madre..she's not well since yesterday,...and she's not in the mood state * hell no!* and im like zombie now..huhu..really tired.. so the appoinment is postponed next week.*sigh* Anyway, i wish upon a star that all of sudden there are money rainy days.*crap!* all upon me...hahahaha till then, zoom zoom~!