• The Resolution, Fantasizing Makeup.

Life of Colours. Since last month, my life cycle, the journey had change tremendously and i had taken up a major step by leaving such a great company, i'll definitely treasure the experience i've got and nourish it in my life. i also realised that we need to be happy.Thanks to a dear friend of mine, this fella has helped and advicedme about making time for yourself and be happy. appreciate thyself first and make thyself happy. recognize the things that you are passionate about and i had realised i like to do this one particular stuffs and it was immediately be on top on my priority list. Thanks to this Dr Tengku Asmadi, he has helped me to re-organise things in life and you actually cannot compare your life with others. You have chose that path and they also had chose theirs. its totally different and you just cant force yourself to do things like others just because they had did it.you cant have the thoughts of " i should do this as well or else i be left out" but actually, it is not. let me share with you, my passion which is make-up.world of creativity.diversify your look. Maybelline Dream Team top 10 finalist in year 2006, as one of them, this thing had make me realised these are the one i wanna do.Since then i had been doing make-up for photography students and glamourous dinner make-up.it is such a satisfaction to me. therefore now, im collecting tools, no doubt i had attended classes with Asmarani, a famous make-up artist in Malaysia to sharpen my skills, i need stuffs and more knowledge to proceed my dream.definitely gonna cost me a bomb, but its worth investment. i will be doing online make up services, i will upload all my porfolios and pictures soon. the next new agenda for this exciting new world is,its a new start, i had been doing make-up for friends and family, and also thought them on how to achieve the look and extra tips.if there anything or inquiries you would like to know, dont hesitate to comment and i will respond asap.