• Blush~!

Many thanks to some viewers whom had commented to me via YM, facebook n myspace. i appreciate it so much as feedbacks and opinions make you move forward to be a better person. The Quest: WE WANT MORE PICS! ANS: i have been trying so hard to retrieved back all those pictures i had for my makeup work previously, cos i used to have it burned in CD and some of them in my Pendrive, plus here and there in PC[s] ( its a lil disorganize that time ) so chances of me to lost em are quit high.Sad but, there are more to come for this year. Therefore, my apologies for unable produce more look on my prev job [ i will still hunt for it]. there are more to come this year, so lets look out for it! Another GREAT NEWs is, i will be attending an intensive class with this great persona makeup artist end of this month [ which i really look forward for this training], its a great deal for me to start back at this arena and besides, sharpen my skills as a makeup artist.im willing to learnt and i dont wanna sit there and think " my skills is just superb.why shud i learnt with others?they cant compete my skills?" i dont wanna be a such loser.a great makeup artist never stop learning.