• Inspirations

My Inspirations comes from Simplicity.Natural and Self-Appreciation. From every makeup and touches i have done, i would like to make it more YOURself rather than be other person or change your features. Makeup is to enhance ur beauty.I like makeup from the runways, events, and english-wedding. Look at them. not so much of makeup yet they look FAB! no doubt they are already born to be beautiful, but having a great skin actually makes u be more confident of urself rather than buying this and that to camouflage here and there.. The ideal of everything to look really good is when you have a proper skin regime. Previously i have worked with Estee Lauder Companies under the Brand LA MER, which is the most exclusive and super-expensive ( the money cost u a bomb), i have encountered with lots of people with many skin concerns. I would to share some great tips for you to take care your skin, for all skin types. 1.HAVE A GOOD CLEANSER. a good cleanser will not pull ur skin or u feel tight after wash,BUT make you feel comfortoble and smooth after u cleanse. 2.DOUBLE CLEANSE: Use a cleansing oil to remove ur spf/makeup then double cleanse using you cleansing gel/foam. DOuble cleansing is ideal to do once a day especially at nite.ITS A MUST FOR THOSE WHO WEARS MAKEUP! 3.TONER, to restore back the pH and negative charge that have been remove by the cleansers 4.MOISTURISER to nourish and condition your skin 5. SUNBLOCK! SPF is very important, go for fluid base, as sunblock will act like a base for your skin to protect from any debris, pollutant,dirt to go in immediately to ur skin.A great product to prevent for sun burnt.i also would like to hear your feedbacks,comments,gossips or opinion so i can improve better in future. Many thanks for your support!