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Hey All.Dont ya think the weather is like Topsy Turvy? i have flu, upside down fever, one in a while cough and thank god the preiod pain is killing me! everything comes in one shot.*sigh* i just recover from denggi last month.i never expected any fever this fast.anyway, i hope i recover fast, *since denggi im hating panadol* As you guys can see, i have updated some of new pictures on the sidelines, and above pic is about me in Maybelline with other 8 ladies. im position second on the left. i quite like the hairdo. *smiles* i miss those days.but i cant wait the future.which i believe its gonna be a great one. i planning on to pursue my studies this july, no matter what i need to get this brain work, i love studying , it makes you more creative in terms of thinking and you tend to have more ideas, rather than sit back at home, stay with the cats, watch tv, play the games, sleep as much as u like and laze around. theres no productivity and am not a person who likes to do dat, cos i tend to get bored very fast. i will write again soon, as lately im enjoying watching those Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Badminton games. im on the move. if you like to hire me as your makeup artist for your big day or any other special occasion, do contact me via my email : aidajasmeen@yahoo.com