• Astro: Jgn Lupa Lirik! PART ONE

Dafi & I

Makeup for Mr Edi Zulfekar, contestant's brother to act as the Pelampung

Hey all, i defined my day today as LESSON 101. The do's and dont's and im loving it. i felt really nervous and yet excited but i just wanna focus.unfortunately, miscommunications happened and i was back home pretty early today :!

so its Jgn Lupa Lirik, i tot it was an observation, but i was totally wrong! its make up and doin it! so its my first time to makeup a guy, and touch ups on them on set. today i met Awal Ashaari *hazie u gonna mad at me cos i did touch up on him!* and he is simply adorable. he was around for the show guest and i also manage to meet Dafi AF as well before i went back home.YEsterday i met Zizi & Rubisa from the current AF too! but im not too psyched to meet the artist really.i usually got my tongue tied and speechless.hahaha.

it was simply amazing on how all thing happened, and im looking forward for tomoro show.