• Astro: Jgn Lupa Lirik! PART 2

Siti Zuraida, from Ampang, pelampung for Kak Zana!

This is Ebi Kornelis fro AF5!

Mr Aril's friend [name n/a], to be Mr Aril's pelampung.

Today is Hectic! i did makeup for Ebi AF5 *wonder why didnt get Awal-haha* at first, i didnt recognize him, really, i dont watch dat season's AF, so it was rather calm when i did the makeup. We all met this crazy attitude contestant, named Zana, she was hyperactive at her age. Her craziness only stop in there, as when i watch her on stage, she was panicking too much and its pretty upsetting to see her dat way bcos all of us are looking forward to see her after all the "Drama" show. * Zu, u know what i mean :D*

Happy Birthday Ayah! im sorry for unable to come for makan2 * i really felt guilty* and
Happy 26th month dear! how i wish i can meet u! ^_^