• Astro: Jgn Lupa Lirik! PART 3

This is As, she's pelampung for Erin.


Today, is a day that filled with drama.sometimes i find it " too ridiculous and childish". doesnt matter how young or old are your age is, maturity is the main point here.


  1. im using the bus and the ktm after the tragedy.

  2. i met farah anuar AF2! and syawal AF5

  3. Psiko and Sarcastism happens.

  4. i met Safar, the fashion design student in uitm back in year 04, whereby i had do a fitting with his final year design.i loike! [ his design was superb, better than the juniors]

  5. time punctuality.

  6. honesty.

  7. as per wat my dear good friend mentioned: a trust must be earn. its not easy to gain trust within a short period.

  8. i makeover a contestant's friend [backup] : As, from sri gombak.

  9. manage to meet back my old friend online : firah & adi.

  10. Contemplating on few decisions i have to make.