• Makeup 101, PART ONE

Kak Zana, another student, which i put the base/foundation on her.

When the first time i saw her do all those wonderful makeup jobs on the models and her clients, she really got me inspired.it really moved me, and challenge myself.

So on the 5th april, i set my foot to her house and start all over again. i have never used the products she used and its actually very minimal and didnt need much item, to beautify a person.

1st day its all about introduction. what makes a makeup artist a versatile person, her road to success in the makeup industry and how she made it this far.i was pretty sleepy that time *yawns* slept pretty late a day before dat..but all that didnt stop me at all. many questions in my head before this has been answered.What i have learnt previously was just basic.

she asked me this: do you really wanna be a makeup artist? i was thinking " how should i answer her" and after a long thought, " urmm yeah, sort of, this is something that satisfies me"
to be a makeup artist, as per what she says, you need to be prepared at all times. be creative.everything you do, must have a protection. * only i knew what i meant -LOL*

the class ends at 730pm, we ate our lunch/dinner super late, both me and Kak Zana ( another student who wanted to learnt) and our SIFU, got carried away and forgotton how times pass by and we didnt eat all the way, except drinking plain water and orange juice ^_^

another training will resume on this saturday, so check out my MAKEUP 101, PART TWO