• MSC Malaysia : IP Creator Challenge [IPCC] Series, Animation Super Pitch 2009, 12 April 09, 230pm-4pm : LIVE SHOW

with yasmin hani / work in progress / with ean

i was rather sleepy today. Slept quite late and i awake pretty early.i was pretty excited for today's live event's show for Astro : The MSC Malaysia IPCC Series 2009! i did 4 makeovers and im pretty proud of myself. quite dissapointed a lil bit when one of the panel judges arrived late and i had to rush my makeup work. Had a surprise today. i wasnt expecting it at all! Thank you kak Aida G, for sharing her camera, to snap this.many thanks! Had watch my work at TV on the next following day, it was pretty awesome! however, i believe i can do better in future!

1. Mr Rozlan from Spooky Ace

2.Mr Lau from Aerogram

3.Panel Judges: Mr Mohd Roffee from RTM, Pengawal, Reka Bentuk & Pementasan.

4.Panel Judges: Ms Junaidah from Aljazeera Children Channel