• The Interview: Makeover

Hi All! today i had a Good News! my future seems better now, with the current job i soon to have :)
This is the makeup that i have done to impress them! Since its a last minute thing [ they call me aat 10am today to ask to come for the interview at 3pm today itself!] i had to ask my sis to be my model. :) im creating an everyday look, so its everyone's fave: SMOKEY EYE!
The things that i used:
1. Base: La Mer Creme Foundation/La Mer Loose Powder
2. Eye: MAC Smolder + Engrave / Maybelline Trio Eyeshadow + brow liner / PAC Pearly Eyeshadow/ Majolica Majorca Mascara
3. Cheek: MAC Mocha & Angel
4. Lips: Maybelline Watershine / MAC Lipglass 
* U guys are also able to achieve this look! its simple and u can get it done by 30min!