• Makeover: The Sleepyhead

Oh! i just did this yesterday! i was indeed very tired: after work i went to Pavillion and hangout with my best buddy (amnah) @ Chocolate Lounge, feeling hungry we both walk along Star Hill and get a cab to drive us to Pelita Bangsar.Damn! i have a mee goreng mamak.blame me for all those fats! haha After that back home, my aunt treat us another supper *oh NO!* so we just ate a lil bit ( stomach dah exceed limit penuh)
Back home, since i had that base * thanks Kak Aida, you have made my day*, and i hardly have the time to do this, i grab the opportunity to do the makeup on my Best Buddy, Amnah.I know i can do better than this * Am please get your skincare! i cant stand it*, excuse me for this time as this time i did it when my energy n sleepy level is almost ZERO.
i'm really looking forward to get my new full set base end of this month, as the old ones, i happily dump into the bins * bo -liao/habis da* cant wait to hear your comments! Cheers! ^_^