• MAKEUP: GOTHIC MAKEUP [ This is a Blog response to the " MAKEOVER TOM: GOTHIC MAKEUP"

Hi All, i have been receiving feedbacks regarding to the post i've made recently -the goth makeup i did for TOM a contestant from Mystarz LG.
However, GOTHIC MAKEUP is like that.


These are the examples given to us before i did the makeup.
Gothic makeup emphasize on Pale base of foundation- white base, ghost-like, strong dark eyes & bold lipsticks.

Gothic makeup surely isn’t for everyone. But if you have decided that you like the look, or that you just want to use it to dress up for a special occasion, gothic makeup is easy to apply, and creates a dramatic and bold statement.

So i would like to share with all of u on 5 STEPS ON HOW-TO create GOTH makeup.

1. Foundation: Opt for 2-3 shades lighter from your foundation. Not necessarily white.
2.Powder: white powder to set the foundation, not forgetting the neck.
3. Eyes: Jet black liner [ kohl pencil for smudging, liquid liner to have precision lines] and black eyeshadow [ can blend with grey, brown or burgundy to soften the look]
4. Lipstick: Blood Red Lipsticks. never go with Bright red.
5. Blusher: Preferably bronze shades for contouring.

P/S DID U KNOW? Stage makeup were applied thicker,stronger & bolder tones, as they were exposed to strong lightings.