• UPDATE: Makeup for Young Designer Arena (YODA) : Suhairi Marlina

Hi All! This is such a great news as i will be doing makeup for a fashion designer that participated in Young Designer Arena, or they called it YODA, whereby YODA will be organizing their Fashion nite, on the 3rd December 09, @ Boilerroom, Hartamas.

One short note about YODA is : YODA, Young Designers Arena establishes in a fashion industries to develop and grow the fashion scene in Malaysia among young and talented fashion designers. YODA providing platform to promote 3 major designers who is fully involve in fashion scene which are Fashion Designer, Makeup Artist & Hairdo Artist

The designer that i will be doing her model's makeup is Suhairi Marlina, one very talented petite girl.
Overall the theme for the nite is Urban Chique. There would be 6 professional Models will be involve.
4 female [ Fadzlun, Kelly J, Jasmine & Arina ] and 2 male models.

The part that im gonna be craze about is :FADZLUN.
She was one great model that i wish i can do her makeup and finally i got it!
An athlete that metamorph to be a pro supermodel, i do envy her.

So do check out the updates on these Makeup soon!
cant wait,

Aida Jasmeen