Merry Xmas to all my clients, fellow friends and everyone who celebrate this occasion!
Things that excites everyone about Xmas is gifts, candies, Santa Clause etc.

Here i would like to share with those u wanna look good, fresh and instyle during this occasion.


5 STEP makeup suggestion to create FRESH LOOK!
1. THINK NATURAL.Lightly wear a natural skin tone foundation that suit ur skin colour
2. FRESH AND SHIMMER eye colours. Go Pink, Melon, Orange etc
3. FLICK THE LASHES. Use the eyelash curler [ USE SHU EUMURA'S they have a good one] and great lengthening mascara [ Maybelline or Majolica's]
4. Try CREAM BLUSH. it give a nice natural glow blush on ur cheeks. use ur fingers or sponge applicators to apply em.
5. SWEET . A pink lipgloss will do to complete the whole sassy look.