One client was asking, whats the different between makeup artist & mak andam?

Makeup artist is one person that plays around with colour. Does alot of creative work like backstage, theaters, TV & fashion show, magazines, commercials, photoshoot and etc.Their tools, makeup products are simply different. Some uses air brushes and uses HD makeup as their work tools. Makeup artist profession are seem very promising nowadays, however not everyone can hold the title of it. Their touches is different as they played with tone of colour and creativity.So its not right to call a makeup artist a mak andam when they did bridal makeup cos they are not one.Their level is different.

In other way round,
Mak andam is one person who did only bridal makeup. Typically their makeup can been seem almost the same kind of makeup style, and products use are normally products that are inexpensive.( The traditional one uses from Mekah -as said by one article in magazine). And usually they stay until the function ends, but for Pro MUA, they dont do stay for the day unless requested and extra charges applies..No doubt the makeup rates are always the affordable ones, however, what you pay is what you get. Its not that to downgrade them, but the quality and work results, you can judge yourself.


So why choose Professional Makeup Artist?

When it comes to your wedding there’s so much to arrange from the flowers, to the caterers and not forgetting the dress! And deciding on whether or not to have a make-up artist and which one to choose isn’t easy either but here are a few helpful tips:
  1. Makeup results are outstanding. Its your wedding day. u must simply look awesome. Dont you want that? 
  2. Booking a make-up artist for your wedding is a good idea as it takes away the pressure of you having to do your own make-up on your big day. There will be so much else to organise and manage so if you can delegate this task to someone else why not; afterall nerves will probably get the better of you anyway. By booking a make-up artist you can relax and let someone else pamper you and make you look stunning for your special day. 
  3. Also good make-up artists always have a make-up kit that caters for weddings, make-up that will last, be able to withstand the hot camera lights and that will give you that gorgeous glowy flawless skin. 
  4. A make-up artist’s kit will also have a variety of make-up so you will be able to achieve the desired look and as all eyes will be on you why not complete the whole look and get a professional to do your make-up. 
  5. It’s a good idea to do your research before you book your make-up artist; asking to look at their portfolio or samples of other brides they have done is a good way for you to see if you like their style of make-up and if it’s for you. 
  6. Also a professional make-up artist will have to skill of contouring and highlighting (applying dark & light shadows using make-up to complement your features) so he/she can give the impression of you having higher cheekbones or a thinner nose etc. 
  7. Once you have booked your make-up artist, go through magazines/pictures of your desired look for the day to show them to the artist so you are both clear on the make-up for the day. 
  8. It is worthwhile showing them a picture/scarf/or part of the outfit that you will be wearing on the day so they know how to match up the make-up. 
  9. It is a good idea to have a trial with your make-up artist running up to the big day so you can make any adjustments to the look and to ensure you will be happy with the results on the big day. It’s also a chance for you to see how your skin is after the make-up application as although good make-up artists use the top quality cosmetics if your skin is sensitive it is highly recommended that you have a trial. Some make-up artist charge for the trial separately and some include it in the wedding package they offer. 
  10. What you pay is what you get. Amateurs place their prices low, Experts pricing are not high, but worth to pay for the result that you got.
Once your happy with your chosen make-up artist just relax and enjoy the time running up to the wedding day and let a professional give you that special touch.