I'm always like English style of makeup. It is simple, more you and enhancing our right features. Look at all these 6 picutres. The makeup is simple, attractive, fresh, enlightened, brighter complexion, and soft dewy look.That is basically the main idea every time i do my makeup. Playing with strong colours is ok, as long as it blends well and not over the top- too contrasting is annoying and not practical.if for Magazine photoshoot- this colours are most welcome.

Everyone seems to like the idea of natural makeup. What is actually a natural makeup? Its basically applying little makeup on our face to enhance our features, and definitely look great on those who have great skin complexions. To those who dont, no worries, a good makeup artist will ensure u look like one!
However, to achieve one is to have a great complexion. So start with ur basic skin regimes ladies. That is one biggest secret had been revealed and yet, ppl thought it was so hard for them to do just because of time consuming and too many things to be applied for d day!. Technologies has evolve around the cosmetics industry. Now, we can found a cleanser + toner, a hydrating mist, so its only 2 steps [ instead of 3], i believe that is simple for everyone [ even MEN!] to follow.

Let me share with you an article that i've read about,so you will have more ideas on selection of colours and guide for ur makeup look for your big day :)


  1. 1
    Analyze your complexion. Wear the colors that flatter your skin tone and eye color.

  2. Step2
    Consider your wedding colors. If your wedding colors are autumn tones like rust and gold, don't where pink eye shadow and blush. You do not have to match the wedding colors, but wear ones that don't clash.

  3. Step3
    Keep your makeup in tune with the theme of your wedding. If your wedding is outdoors, keep makeup natural. If your wedding is very formal and traditional, wear classic makeup like black eyeliner and red lipstick.

  4. Step4
    Reflect your personality. You should look special on your wedding day, but not different. If you are romantic at heart, wear purple or plum shades. If you are light-hearted and fun natured, wear pinks and peaches.

  5. Step5
    Use the proper products for your wedding day. Even though you may not wear them normally, there are certain items you need to ensure that your makeup lasts all day and night and looks good in photos. Wear under eye concealer, lipstick, translucent powder and eye foundation.