Hey everyone! i came across this cosmetic boutique called BEAUTY BUFFET in Thailand and went there to check out few products. i was attracted to their staffs and shop environment. They look like a chef ( cute one !) and great display of product.  Do view their websites for more info http://www.beautybuffetshop.com 

i've tried the browliner and loving it! i shall rate them 4/5! This are the pictures of the swatches that i did and how does it look like. it comes with the mini eye brow brush for u to use to blend the colours. Price wise its only 130baht or RM13!

They have 3 colour of selection. i chose this colour as i prefer a lighter tone brown. its light and not too dark. just nice for Asian!  The not-so creamy texture makes the browliner easy to blend, comes with the cap so u dont have to worry about the pencil tip to break. A light stroke give me this colour and an impression of easy weasy usage for everyone. GREAT FOR BEGINNER! ^^v

Come with the cover for both sides.

Great product with reasonable price!

i'm one person whois very particular about browliner colour. this captures my eye!

Tell me more on what u want me to review on so i can post about it! xx Aida