hey everyone! i came across this brand few days ago and browse around their products via internet.
They had plenty of good products with reasonble pricing! however, the price was not available on the internet, and it was in Thai. u might want to translate the page to read the product details. It was Thailand brand, which named the product as Beneficial, which their cosmetics product which combine makeup & skin care in one! browse more at http://www.orientalprincess.com

One product that catch my eye was the cream blush, which in a stick form! i like it! its easy to apply, u can used them directly or u can use the cosmetics sponge to apply on your cheek. Since the colour pigment was light and the concept of au naturale, this product deliver amazing result.

i did 2 swatches for this: one with only the cream blush and another with a powder blush that i applied on top of the cream blush. the result was amazing! with one shade u can achieve plenty colours. However, with just the blush itself, wont last long. therefore u will need to pressed some powder on top of the blusher to make it last.

there are 3 colours available, but i manage to try only one colour - Pink Brick. its like peachy pink colour and it give a nice healthy glow when applied. i like it! the texture was not so sticky but it was just nice. the rate is 4/5!

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