• MAKEUP REVIEW: Sephora's Professional Perfection Primer

Sephora. its a wait that is worth my time and soul. JK!. i was in Thailand when they launched in Malaysia. only now i got the chance to pay them a visit. simply amazing building.i like the architecture and design of it. not becos of that. the whole layout and the products drive me crazayy.i went to the main stre at Starhill, i was expecting a good service however it failed me. i was there and assisted myself for the entire 30min i was there. only the MUFE consultant came to ask but the rest? none.

I bought few stuffs there including the Perfection Primer. i saw some reviews gave some not-so-nice review but some of them see this thing a must have that worth your money also wont burnt your pocket or burst your purse!


Well, most of them, the review come from those who have Europeans, Americans and other pan asian skin. For Asian skin, this is how it reacts. i test this primer with the use of 2 different foundation on my skin. The texture of the primer appeared to be slightly thicker compared to the ones i normally use, but it was like Prep & prime by MAC texture. When applied on the skin, the pearly pink shade appeared and dissolve accordingly on the skin and have this glow effects. After i apply the foundation, it immediately helps to smoothened the application and helps my foundation application even.
The result? kept on reading.

it takes me few days to see how this Primer reacts on my skin, cos my skin have the tendency to reject certain cosmetics and doesnt agree and stay well yet sometimes appeared too oily. The verdict, the primer acted as it stated. Perfection Primer. perfected the makeup. both foundation glides on well on my skin.

After a while, MAC foundation give this effect of glow and a lil bit more shinier than Stage foundation. however i like both of these effects cos this will help to give the dewy look. i like that cos it makes ur skin appeared more natural and doesnt make you look applied too much foundation.

When i applied this Primer, i was sitting in a fan,room temperatured room, however in humid condition. I didnt apply any powder on top to see how it went with the foundation. After a while, the powder was puffed, my makeup lasted all day.

After removing, applying skin regime, went to sleep and check out my skin the next day. TA-DA. no pimples.no breakouts. it seems to do well with my skin, i bet its gonna be A ok with yours too. it only cost u about RM69 per tube. If u have very sensitive skin, i recommend you to have a sensitive patch test before u buy.

RATE: 4/5 
PRICE: $$ ( RM69 )