• BRIDES TO BE: How to Avoid Makeup Disasters!

Dear brides to be, if you dont have any makeup knowledge at all, dont be IGNORANT about it and put it solely to the mak andam/MUA to do it for you. No doubt they can do it, but sometimes, they can do ikut sedap dorang sahaja and sometimes it doesnt suit you right. as i have seen many and i felt so sad looking at the outcome everytime i attended wedding function.


No doubt you wanted to save budget, you couldnt afford to hire the professionals to do it for you, you relied on the amateurs like mak andam/ newbies in makeup line to the the makeup for you. i know some might not want to have the brows plucked/trimmed, wearing lashes etc. to certain extend, wearing lashes actually does help to open up you look even though the makeup is natural. for the brows, it does require skills and experience to handle and make it look neat and nice even without trimming. Cos i often see those bushy brows are colored with browliners (dark colours especially) and it doest make the whole makeup look completely disastrous and i do pity the bride as it shouldnt be that way!

If you are not good at makeup, you dont know anything about makeup, this is what you should do. dont destroy your big day looking terrible applied makeup.ignorant is not an excuse! your wedding is once in a lifetime and you will need to do some homework on this. Remember, everything will be captured in the picture, so it will last forever. you might not want to regret after 10 years " i should have..." that is just a lil bit too late dont you think?. in order not to feel that way, read through some tips i had for you.

1. Look into magazines, they have plenty of makeovers/models look on makeup. best is to look at the bridal magazine. They have plenty of makeup ideas you can see through the fashion spread for bridal dresses where the models wear makeup that match with the dress.
2. if you have friends that know makeup, and have knowledge about it, ask their opinion. dont be shy about it. or even you can post to your timeline in FB or twitter and asked about it.

3. Google " bridal makeup" or " makeup pengantin" and i believe you can see plenty of images you can see and you might get something you like. Youtube also offers some videos you can see on makeup tutorials regarding bridal makeup.

4. Consult with the makeup artist. communicate with them. if you have hire the wedding planner and purchase the whole package that include the makeup, please get the makeup artist contact number and contact them. you need to communicate with every vendor.

5. Show the pictures to the makeup artist the look that you want. they will understand better on what you want and your preferences will be met according to your features.

6. go to the makeup store. Since you buy makeup stuffs at the makeup store, get the makeup consultant to teach you on what you buy, also can asked their opinion on what kind of makeup will be best for you on your wedding. they will gladly help you with it.

At the end of the day, you must not neglect this feature in your wedding day. Makeup should be done according to your preferences, comfort and ability to carry the look. It shouldnt age you more than you do, it suppose to brightened you up and make you the most prettiest girl in the world. By all means, keep some money at least about RM1000 for you to get nice makeup from the professionals for 2 functions at least.

Any enquiries about makeup?  Please dont hesitate to contact me via email: aidajasmeen@yahoo.com or you can view my fb page at the left side bar and PM me! xoxo!