• Sugarpill: Makeup Art Creative Colours!

All hail vibrant colours! It took awhile for me to update but these are the series of makeup colours that ive been experimenting through out the first quarter of the year. Sugarpill is somewhat amazhing brand, i got paranoid looking at it everytime i watch all those smazhing stuff makeup gurus post in igs. So i end up trying and it is completely worth it! Just a note that since Asian skin reacts differently on certain product, this product does act like foundation. you need to wait the colours to set in order to have the colour shines as much. As you can see there are a few pictures here that ive experiment: some to the max, some to the natural basis, it works great. It does took me awhile to familiarize with this. Dozens of experiments! Yes we do need makeup base to support these, eventho it can stand on its own without a primer, i prefer to have the intensity lift up and lasting effect with a primer. Thank you Sugarpill for all tis amazing product, im sure to be your biggest fan and look up to try the new collection!