• Whats in the Makeup Case: Last time, Now and coming up!

Hey Everyone, its been awhile i share some thoughts about makeup. Today, i wanna share with you whats in the makeup box!
Last time, i used to have these traditional, heavy silver metal makeup box. No wheels, just box with the sling that i hardly use. i got this box from Maybelline Dream Team, where my platform as a makeup artist start off with. This lovely box filled with Maybelline stuff. Like a small kid that knew nothing about makeup, i thought Maybelline was the only best makeup at that point of time. Tell me about not being expose to the net! Internet that time was very much scarce, we have to go to the net, and pictures was very much difficult tho. i still remember the hard time where i have to borrow my friends camera to snap the makeover pics.Nevertheless, my favourite product from Maybelline is their Mascaras and Dream Matte Mousse (i wonder why they discontinue tis. hopefully they come back with more shades for Asian skin!)

After awhile with Maybelline, i work with La Mer, im exposed to many other brands. i love Lancome, YSL Mascaras (they are heaven on earth of lashes- that time), im the fan of MAC powder, and the collections start off there, i did tried Bobbi Brown but it seem doesnt agree with my skin ( the foundation and powder), then i went off to Japan, tried the awesome Majolica Majorca mascaras and the Kiss Me liners ( they were not available yet in Malaysia when i bought em), and from there on i start on to build up my makeup kit.

Over the years, my box are switch from Maybelline to MAC.Watie, Azlyn is one of the MAC Muas that knew how crazy i am on these products.ive been hooked to MAC for years and after instagram, facebook and other social network come to live, im exposed to more many other makeup products which i think, simply fantabulous!

Now, i started to forget my crave on MAC products. last time, everytime i went to shop, i will definitely buy something from MAC. really cant help it tho! After went to a few training with other Senior Makeup Artist, i tried of other base, ive tried Laura Mercier and loving it, MUFE stuffs is really something. i did try on Kryolan Stick Foundation, Dermacolor, but seems like this stuffs is very much suitable for theaters, not for weddings, as its thick texture, often cracks if its too much applied, i stick tis as concealer rather than applying em on the entire face. i hardly used em nowadays, so i pass.

Currently theres more makeup brands im having in my box besides all the above ( cut off maybelline and kryolan stuffs). Sugarpill, one of my favorite shadows, highly pigmented and simply awesome (idk how to describe tis freaking awesome shadows) i have 85% of their collections (talking about being addicted), its reasonably price, great performance, and everything nice. ;-)

There are also a few products that i love to try on; Bitch Slap Cosmetics, Smashbox new foundation ( waiting for Sephora to bring the latest as i read the review its very good and saw the result awesomeness), Dinair airbrush system, Shopvioletvoss glitters, Lime Crime stain gloss, and NARS!been wanting to try NARS for so long. Lets wait for its opening in Nov/Dec 13 and be a shopaholic at Pavillion store!

i will be changing over the time, to fit in the current trends, and also, to fit in customer needs and concerns. cos not all skin can agree with 1 product. ive learn this over the years. Need to experiment with many products to find the suitable ones. i love liquid foundations, cos it can goes with everyone skin. i love to blabber more about these, but i think lets focus on the next project!Coming up next; The big makeup competition, and more makeovers!

after for so long, i did change the silver metal mekap box to something lighter and more mobile. i bought this black makeup box with organizers for easy storage. its really hard for me to say goodbye cos that box gave me so much memory. Travel light but compact!

i will be going to do a giveaway once i hit 5000 likes in my FB page; click at the link below to check out more updates!


Till then,
Be yourself, Less is more!
Warm Regards
Aida Jasmeen