• Winner for Beauty Eyesploring Makeup Competition by PAC Martha Tilaar, Malaysia

OMG!!!! Alhamdulillah! That is my first reaction when i was announce as the Winner for the Makeup Competition with the theme "Beauty Eyesploring" Held by PAC Martha Tilaar, Malaysia.Winner of this competition will be representing Malaysia, in the international Makeup competition held at Jakarta. 
it was overwhelming!we attended the seminar in the morning by Teddy Lim, and the competition later in the evening. the makeup competition take only 1 hour to complete the whole look and all product use are from PAC Martha Tilaar!! Next update will be on the journey to Jakarta!

My concept for that day is Peacock Paradise. Inspired by the amazing colours, these colors comes out beautifully. PAC indeed have amazing bright colours! 

i would like to thank all my family, husband and best friend and these amazing people for being there, my inspiration and help me on that day!

Dress by; Ruslina Lazim
Model by; Eyna Danina
Picture by ; Dira Clevermice

These 2 pictures taken from the PAC Martha Tilaar Malaysia page. First picture; Makeup being judge by Teddy Lim himself, looking tru the way i did it.

Below pictures taken by the best pro photographer, Dira Clevermice.