• Malay Wedding Attire: Things to have in mind.

Hi everyone, recently i saw many beautiful Malay wedding dresses and the recent ones most inspiration comes from the Western bridal dress. However, mostly Malay wedding culture we will wear much decent clothing's especially for the solemnisation ceremony. Tis decent clothing's also applies to engagement and wedding reception. As we are know for being decent, some wedding dress design has gone off a lil bit rather than being decent. wearing decently is also part of respecting our husband, family members, custom and religion.

1. Off Shoulder Dress.

 i know these 3 dresses looks amazing. beautiful. but off shoulders and revealing the top part is not advisable, and not appropriate with regards our Malay custom. Doesn't matter the upper part was place with skin colour material, but it does give the illusion of off shoulder which actually accentuate the top part.

As you can see below are the amongst great design we can follow for our wedding day. its decent and fashionable yet you look gorgeous on the special day. 1st pic dress from Rins Suzana, 2nd dress from Zattera Apparel, 3rd dress from Zery Zamry.

2. Peplum dresses/skirt for Plus size

Peplum is not for big size/plus size woman. if there is, the top shouldn't be too short and the skirt panelling shouldn't be in such pattern and design. cos it will accentuate how big size you are and you simply can't hide it in the pictures. Remember picture last forever and you don't want to look bigger than you do now. Reality check. Yes this peplum dress is beautiful. you imagine yourself wearing it and think it may look fab on you. Apparently, its not if its the wrong kind of material and design. A good designer will advise you on which dress design will make you look best and not just because u want it and you look bigger in it and regret it and blame back to the designer. 
Second picture showed the length/ design that is best for plus size. Just avoid hard type material like Shantung silk, thai silk, certain satins. Go for flattering chiffon. 

3. Color contrast

Your dress is blue. your dais (pelamin) is blue. How can people see you? you got "absorbed" by the dais colour and when you took the picture, your family member wears pink and the eyes capture the pink colours instead of the blues as nobody see it! Wear colour contrast. If your dais is white, don't wear white! Wear other colour than white. Maybe pink, blues, gold, grey. purple ( as picture above).  So you will be more outstanding and doesn't blend in with your dais. But of course, exception has to come in when your professional dais decorator know how to play with colour, and doesn't make you being absorb or blend in. You should inform them whats your wedding dress colour and share with them the pictures ( or even better bring the dress if its ready).

Thats all for my two cents on current trending for wedding attire. I'm not a designer but i love to see all tis and admire each beauty. i would like to apologise in advance shall my writting hurts any body but i don't have such intention. my intention is just to help you to have a better wedding attire so you will look great and memorable, lifetime. :)